Sculpting as Teambuilding

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Finishing touches

Finishing our corporate work of art

“Enhance The Team Spirit With Art”

Create symbols for the team’s vision, carve it in stone together, work out a corporate form the stone and reflect on the process afterwards and realize cocreation at its best…

If two people carve a sculpture together it becomes clear how profoundly creative work moves relationships between people and how it improves it and lifts it up towards reliability.

The confidence-building process begins with the design, the result being that two people come together to create a sculpture.

This process goes on with agreeing on which stone to choose and how to go about the work and how to take turns in it.

Deep trust is formed especially when one of them is holding the stone sculpture while the other carves it with hammer and chisel. Of course, everyone involved wears solid work gloves, safety glasses and a mask as protection. However, it is clear that only the best coordination guarantees success.

Within three days…

not only a lot happens to the carved stone but even more between the involved persons on a relationship level. The more finished the pieces become, the more sophisticated tools are needed, and these tools can only be used alternately. The cooperation is intense and becomes even more fun the more the sculptures assume their final shape.

Finally while grinding and polishing mutual admiration comes up, pride, joy and jubilation, as the wonderful stones that we use come out like as precious stones after they went through the finishing touches.

During reflection session…

…appreciation grows about these entertaining three days, everyone realizes how much strength and reliability emerged in  the team relationships.

Back in the company…

…they create an exhibition of the icons for the team’s vision developed by the team together – for all to see, and deeply felt and established in the creative core of the participants because they have given  ​​a forever-lasting form to their corporate idea.

These team-building experiences can be transmitted to all levels of life, where people come together and want to co-create.

So I invite you to this workshop if you desire to build confidence in yourself and others.

Workshop Price: 320 € per person

Material cost: between 50 and 80 €.

Workshop times: daily 10-18 clock

Minimum: 6 participants

Venue: anywhere in the European Union – will be individually stipulated with prospective groups/couples

Please apply using the contact button top right.

Adventure Stone

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Self-managed sculpting for free

in Vienna at the workshop sites of AGORA.

Dynit-serpentine stone from Zimbabwe is available sufficiently and amogis – Eveline Gisela Amort – holds daily workshops by appointment (please mail your desired day on time or arrange by mobile phone).

We are in Vienna, yet in private, happiness and joy surround us.

Opening Reception

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Exhibition at the Kornhausl Villa

on 22nd Sept 2010 at 19.00 clock

Ottakringerstr. 235, corner Maroltingerstr. 81

The activities on the Danube Canal developed wonderfully and that is why we are having an exhibition:

Joy Sculptures and Vortex Pictures

by amogis (Eveline Gisela Amort)

The Visible Roots of Joy

photo edits by Elisabeth Mamoli,, 0699 13378486

Sabine Duty will speak to the exhibition

There will be snacks and Brazilian fruit shakes and we will hear didgeridoos and drums:

Didgeridoo played by Franz Lorenz

Drums played by Christian Zuckerstatter

We will have an evening of enjoyment for all five senses. Rejoice with us, enjoy with us!

The exhibition is open from 9/22 through 12/15/2010

What was before?

We celebrated what we had created –  we are proud to anounce that some pieces were sold…

On Sunday, 25th July 2010, at 18:00 clock, all sculptures that were created during the workshop with Nimrod Phir (inkluding those that were just begun) were exhibited exactly where they were carved into the stone: On the Danube Canal, near Schweden Bridge, where the daily workshops with Nimrod and amogis are continally taking place.

We had Brazilian BIO-Açaí fruit shakes, sorbets and smoothies and little snacks.

Thanks to all who were there! And special thanks to all who have purchased sculptures.

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