Stone sculpting in southern Burgenland, Austria

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Sculpting as Teambuilding

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“Enhance The Team Spirit With Art” Create symbols for the team’s vision, carve it in stone together, work out a corporate form the stone and reflect on the process afterwards and realize cocreation at its best… If two people carve a sculpture together it becomes clear how profoundly creative work moves relationships between people and how it improves it […]

Adventure Stone

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Self-managed sculpting for free in Vienna at the workshop sites of AGORA. Dynit-serpentine stone from Zimbabwe is available sufficiently and amogis – Eveline Gisela Amort – holds daily workshops by appointment (please mail your desired day on time or arrange by mobile phone). We are in Vienna, yet in private, happiness and joy surround us.

Opening Reception

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Vernissage Exhibition at the Kornhausl Villa on 22nd Sept 2010 at 19.00 clock Ottakringerstr. 235, corner Maroltingerstr. 81 The activities on the Danube Canal developed wonderfully and that is why we are having an exhibition: Joy Sculptures and Vortex Pictures by amogis (Eveline Gisela Amort) The Visible Roots of Joy photo edits by Elisabeth Mamoli,, […]

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