amogis sculpting at the Danube Canal


Who is amogis?

Eveline Gisela Amort – amogis – designed her first sculpture at the age of eight, at school she earned money by drawing portraits of fellow pupils, she studied sculpture with the art school in Vienna, and had further education in art therapy.

In the 1970s, she experienced what openness and change was caused by Joseph Beuys’ discourse of art at the Dusseldorf Academy for Fine Arts and was fascinated by his avant-garde art and free expression. Through her marriage to the sculptor Gerald W. Hollnbuchner she moved among artists for over 25 years.

Since 2007 she has been working primarily with Zimbabwian serpentine stone – impressed by the beauty and diverse options to mold this multi-colored stone.

For decades she has been people-worker, trainer, joy coach and healer, a work she carries out with all her heart and with much success.

Meanwhile, however, sculpting is her main job.

A selection of her work can be seen here:


She got to know Nimrod Phiri at two stone sculpting workshops in Tubingen, Germany, and that is why she appreciates his sculptural professionalism, his unwavering sense of humor, and his positive view of the world which made him popular with everyone.

She experienced the participants having fun with their sculping through his influence. This was precisely her motive to invite him to Austria so as to offer the “Adventure Stone” to many people here and for them to have the opportunity to experience the joy of creation for themselves.

amogis’ sculptures were exhibited at the “Goody Day”, 9.17.2009 at Skriptura, Markgraf-Ruediger-Str. 6, 1150 Vienna, close to the Vienna Indoor Arena (Stadthalle)..

amogis sculptures are exhibited on the Danube Canal, whenever she works there which is dependent on the weather bein dry and above freezing. They will also be observable as work in progress once her studio in the Rotenmuhlgasse 7 in Vienna (close to the castle of Schonbrunn) will be completed.

amogis sculptures were exhibited in the Villa Kornhausl from 2010-09-22 through 2010-12-15, the opening reception was on 2010-09-22.

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