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Since 35 years I have been a people-worker: trainer, joy coach, and healer: work that I perform with all my heart and with much success.

The artist I wanted to be since childhood has been pouting in the corner with arms crossed almost as long.

No, not quite.

I loved my first sculpture, a Punchinello puppet from painted paper-maché – I was 8 or 9 years old – but my parents wanted me to give it as a present to an old lady, because it was “a work of art” as they said. I wanted to keep it, however, and begged permission to hurriedly make a second one for the lady. Sometimes talent is fatal: The second puppet looked like a caricature of the old lady. How else could it? I disliked the woman and thought of her constantly working on it… So after all I had to give up my beloved puppet. Was I discouraged by that?

No, not quite.

In high school I drew pictures that were “different” and in the first years I got bad grades in art. I drew our home furnishings and the family thought that I should become a technical illustrator. I earned extra pocket money by portraying my classmates. The next art teacher had such a distinctive face – I had to caricature him. He took it with humor and gave me a One (grade A). In the convent boarding school, I snuck up in the attic in full moon nights and painted until the roof window did not give enough light any more. The art nun told me to study art which is what I wanted too. Private circumstances prevented it. I first became a trade representative,then trainer, healer, and joy coach. My inner artist had to wait.

No, not quite.

I fell in love with a studied artist and we stayed together for 25 years. He was so good, such a perfect artist, he had studied sculpture and my inner artist was discouraged.

No, not quite.

When our three children were little I booked the only available painting class in the small town where we lived, peasant arts, you know: painting flowers onto old furniture. But my artist took in even that with such lust and fervor that I forgot time, and space, and my children, and my mother who was visiting. So, back to duty.

No, not quite.

Again and again fine arts called me, so I got an education in art therapy as my conscience said that fitted in with my other therapy trainings. And then there was the great success I had as a trainer and coach and it is such great joy to heal people and give them back their joy of life. And yes, this was sort of doing art, too, I said. But the clients were always more important.

No, not quite.

In 2004/2005 I took three semesters in art school – I was blissed out! But then divorce came up and making money was more important for now.

No, not quite.

My inner artist became ever more restless so I registered for sculpture workshops – which I defended tooth and nail against all appointment attacks of customers and clients. I brought home sculptures that convinced me: I want to live her at last, my artist, me.

And now I am refurbishing a basement studio in Vienna (currently still under construction – the basement of a former turn-of-century-house), a lot of work, but MINE! And I love to work with my hands. I like to grab tools and go for it.

Yes, here I am now.

Currently, the basement studio is looking for an electrician who will put up the daylight lamps and their associated switches. Do you know one? Let me know! Meanwhile the gas boiler is connected so I do not have to be wrapped up to the nose in winter.

My clients and customers continue to not let go. I still  joyously heal, coach and I train people into a happier future, give lectures, presentations and seminars in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Florida and Lanzarote, to pass on my knowledge. My agenda runs over, the order books are filling up, success in all areas – what more could I want?

Yes, I want more!

I want to design sculptures! I want to sculpt all the ideas that are so vivid in my mind! So in summer I use every free minute on the Danube Canal in Vienna and when the weather does noct allow it there I work on my terrace or in my kitchen and create my sculptures there.

And once a year Nimrod Phiri comes from Zimbawe to Austria and we jointly offer sculpture workshops. Maybe I will also invite other international artists to Austria – All Is Well …

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